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Sorghum BARFI

  • 8 PeopleServes
  • 00 minPrep Time
  • 30 minCooking
  • easyDifficulty
  • Cuisine : Indian
  • Category : Sorghum


Step by Step method

  • Preparation:

  • 1.Take a medium-sized heavy bottomed pan and roast sorghum flour on a low flame until it turns a light goldencolour. Set aside in a bowl and allow it to cool.

  • 2.Add ½ cup water and jaggery to pan and heat on a medium flame.

  • 3.Keep heating and stirring till the jaggery melts and the syrup turns sticky.

  • 4.Add roasted sorghum flour, cardamom powder, milk and ghee to the syrup.

  • 5.Stir continuously for 6 to 7 minutes on a low flame.

  • 6.Grease a serving plate with ghee, spread the mix on to it and section into small pieces.

  • 7.Garnish with chopped cashew nuts and enjoy.

  • Note: You may also garnish with desiccated coconut powder