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Methi Puri

  • 5 PeopleServes
  • 20 minsPrep Time
  • 20 minsCooking
  • hardDifficulty
  • Cuisine : Indian
  • Category : Pearl Millet


Step by Step method

  • Preparation :

  • 1.Rinse Methi leaves in water , drain all the water.

  • 2.Add ginger (chopped) and green chili (chopped) in to it.

  • 3.Without adding any water blend to a smooth puree.

  • 4.Take all flour in a mixing bowl. Also add carom seeds (ajwain), and

  • salt.

  • 5.Add Methi puree in to the flour, oil ( 15 ml) and knead to a semi-soft

  • dough. Cover and keep aside for 10 minutes.

  • 6.Then divide the dough in small or medium sized balls. Roll them into

  • neat round balls.

  • 7.Take one dough ball. Flatten it and spread some oil on both sides of the

  • dough.

  • 8.With a rolling pin (belan), gently roll poori (neither thick nor thin).

  • 9.Heat oil in a pan or kadai, slid one puri in the medium hot oil.

  • 10.When the poori come on top of the oil, push with a slotted spoon, so

  • that the Methi poori puffs up while frying.

  • 11.Fry till the oil stops sizzling. then gently turn over the poori.

  • 12.Fry the second side of the Methi puri. Fry poori till the oil stops sizzling.

  • 13.Remove the puri ,place it on kitchen paper towels to remove excess oil.

  • 14.Serve Methi puri with potato curry or chana masala