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Foxtail Millet Kadhi

  • 6 PeopleServes
  • 15 minsPrep Time
  • 40 minsCooking
  • hardDifficulty
  • Cuisine : Indian
  • Category : Foxtail Millet


Step by Step method

  • Preparation :

  • 1.In a bowl take curd and whisk it well till smooth

  • 2. Add foxtail millet flour( 100gm), red chilli powder, turmeric powder and salt to the

  • whisked curd.

  • 3.Mix everything well .Add 3 cups water and mix again. Keep the millet slurry aside.

  • 4.In a mixing bowl take onion , gram flour , foxtail millet flour( 80 gm) , salt , curry leaf,

  • coriander leaf, greenchilli , redchilli powder and turmeric powder .

  • 5. Add 1 tsp oil in to it and mix all the ingredients properly then add water in to it and

  • prepare batter.

  • 6. Heat oil in a pan or kadhai. when oil become hot, drop small size pakora from the

  • batter in the oil.

  • 7. Fry till the pakora are crisp and golden.

  • 8. In another pan or kadhai, heat oil. add mustard seed , allow it to crackle.

  • 9. Add bengal gram dal and blackgram dal , curry leaf, ginger , garlic and red chilli one

  • by one , sauté for a minute.

  • 10. Add chopped onions, cumin seeds, allow it to crackle .

  • 11. Then add the millet slurry in to it, increase the flame to medium and bring the kadhi

  • to boil. Keep on stirring often so that the bottom does not get browned.

  • 12.After the kadhi has come to a boil, then lower the heat and cook it for 10-15 minutes.

  • 13. Now add the onion pakora and salt to the kadhi and stir gently.

  • 14. Cover with a lid and let the onion pakora be soaked in it for 4-5 minutes.

  • 15. Lastly sprinkle some coriander leaves & serve kadhi with steamed rice.