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Ragi aaloo paratha

  • 6 PeopleServes
  • 10 minsPrep Time
  • 45 minsCooking
  • hardDifficulty
  • Cuisine : Indian
  • Category : Finger Millet


Step by Step method

  • Preparation :

  • Dough preparation:

  • 1. In a bowl, take whole wheat flour (atta), Ragi flour and carrom seed . Add salt, oil

  • and mix it well.

  • 2.Then add water and bring the mixture together and knead into a smooth soft

  • dough. 

  • 3. Cover and keep the dough aside for 15 to 20 minutes

  • Stuffing preparation

  • 4. Mash the potatoes with a potato masher. There should be no lumps or small pieces

  • in it.

  • 5. Now add all the ingredients ( except oil/ ghee) in to it and mix it well.

  • Rolling

  • 6. Divide dough in to 5to 6 pcs . take one dough and flatten it with the help of rolling

  • pin and place the filling on it.

  • 7. Bring together the edges of the dough to seal in the stuffing, and gently give them a

  • round shape again.

  • 8. Dust with some flour and roll this version of aloo paratha to about the same size as

  • that of a chapati or roti.

  • 9. On a hot tawa place the rolled paratha.

  • 10. When the base is partly cooked, flip the aaloo paratha using a spatula .

  • 11. Spread some ghee/ oil on the partly cooked part.

  • 12. Flip again & spread some ghee / oil on this side too.

  • 13. Flip again once or twice till both the sides of aloo paratha are cooked properly. You

  • should see crisp brown spots on the paratha. 

  • 14.Serve the aloo paratha directly from the tawa straight in the serving plate along with

  • mango pickle or curd .