Special Programme for Promotion of Millets in Tribal Areas
"Reviving Millets in Farms and on Plates"




















[ application late date - October 25TH, 2018 ]

The  project  “Special  Programme  for  promotion  of  Millets  in  Tribal  Areas  of  Odisha” originated from the state level consultation on the subject “Comprehensive revival of millets securing  nutrition and mitigating droughts in southern Odisha” held on 27th January 2016 at NCDS,  Bhubaneswar  organized  by  Planning  and  Convergence  Department,  Government  of Odisha.   As   a   follow   up   on   the   plenary   recommendations   chaired   by   Development Commissioner   cum Additional Chief   Secretary,   a   detailed   Programme   framework   was developed.

Major Objectives of the Programme:

  • Increasing Household Consumption of millets by about 25% to enhance household nutrition security and to create demand for millets.

  • Promoting   Millet   Processing   enterprises   at   panchayat   and   Block   level to   ease processing at households and for value added markets

  • Improving Productivity of millets crop systems and make them profitable.

  • Developing Millets Enterprises and establishing Market Linkages to rural/urban markets with focus on women entrepreneurs

  • Inclusion of millets in State Nutrition Programmes and Public Distribution System

Special Programme for promotion of millets in tribal areas was launched in 2017 in 7 districts covering 30 blocks in Phase 1. It was extended to additional 25 blocks in Phase 2 in 2018. Guidelines  and  budgets  available  may  be  found  at  www.milletsodisha.com   under  the  tab “Guidelines” for reference. In  the  3rd phase,  programme  is  extended  to  another  10  blocks  in  Bargarh  (5  blocks)  and Nabarangpur (5 blocks) districts.

Applications were sought from eligible NGOs for the role of facilitating agencies for the 10 blocks on dated 21.8.2018. A total 26 nos of Application were received for 10 blocks. Out of which 4 nos of block received more than three and rest 6 blocks received less than 3 nos of application.

Detailed document is available for download.

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@ 2017 - Special Programme for Promotion of Millets in Tribal Areas, Department of Agriculture and Food Production (Government of Odisha) and NCDS & WASSAN