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Traditionally the highly nutritious millets formed a substantial part of the diets and the cropping system in the tribal areas of Odisha. Millets require less water and are more resilient to climate vulnerability. They are also cultivable in undulating terrain. Paddy gaining prominence in the Public Distribution System (PDS) has resulted in reduced consumption of millets, resulting in extreme cases of nutritional deficiency. It has also led to unsustainable cropping systems increasing the demand for water. Millets are the answer to address both increased crop failures and nutritional deficiency and need to be revived.

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Millet Recipes

foxtail millet mango rice

millet mango rice

This foxtail millet mango rice will be perfect appetizer. Ingredients: Curry leaves, green chillies, mustard seeds...

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foxtail millet mango rice

(ragi) vermicelli

Finger millet vermicelli – 1 cup. Dryfruits, ghee, water, sugar, milk cardamon powder- as required....

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foxtail millet mango rice

kodo millet pulao

Heat a small pressure cooker and sauté with oil/ ghee and add cinnamon, fennel and bay leaf. Stir and add onion and ginger....

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Why Millets

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Nutritional Benefits

Highly nutritious and rich in Vitamin B, Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Magnesium, Zinc etc...

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Agricultural Benefits

More resilient to climate vulnerabilities and droughts.

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Area Benefits

Can be cultivated under rainfed situations across the state i.e. "without additional demand on irrigation".

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Consumer Benefits

Buoyant prices following increasing consumer demand.

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Economic Benefits

Potential for tribal and rainfed areas becoming millet-hubs and lead the grain economy.

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Millets Today

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A nostalgic ladle

I grew up in Hosur. My family grew millets and I grew up eating them I was also fascinated by the charm...

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Millet Mission Updates


GoI asks states to learn from Odisha Millet Mission (OMM) Model

The National Mission on Nutri Cereals was launched during the National Workshop on Nutri Cereals at Pune on 28th September 2018. It was launched by Shri Radha Mohan Singh, Agriculture Minister, GoI.

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Special Programme for Promotion of Millets in Tribal Areas (2nd Phase)