Finger Millet MURUKKU

  • 10 PeopleServes
  • 20 minPrep Time
  • 50 minCooking
  • easyDifficulty
  • Cuisine : Indian
  • Category : Finger Millet


Step by Step method

  • Preparation:

  • 1.Add ragi flour, besan and rice flour to a big bowl.

  • 2.Add black cumin, salt, chilli powder, turmeric powder, hing and sesame seeds to the bowl and mix well.

  • 3.Warm 25 ml of oil on a small pan. Pour the warm oil into the flour mix.

  • 4.Add 1 glass of water or as required and knead into a smooth dough.

  • 5.Fill the hand-operated murukku making machine with the dough.

  • 6.Heat oil in a pan for deep frying.

  • 7.Once the oil is hot, squeeze the dough into it through the murukku making machine.

  • 8.Fry on a low flame until it turns brown.

  • 9.Once fried, place the murukku on tissue paper to absorb excess oil and allow it to cool.

  • Crispy murukku is ready to be enjoyed with your evening tea